Ryzec Building Group takes pride in every project it undertakes, and its mission to provide a diverse array of services allows the company to specialize and excel in many aspects of development and construction, both residential and commercial. Ryzec also employs in-depth knowledge of special design features and concepts that are often overlooked by other architects and general contractors but that can dramatically affect the overall success of a project.

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"After the Ryzec Team completed my Master Bathroom, I felt like I was staying in a glamorous 5-star hotel every day of the week." -Private Resident, Franklin,TN. "The Ryzec Team has been a pleasure to work with this summer. You guys really did what you said you would and accomplished the job in less than 90 days—Fantastic!" -Director of Dining Services, International Food Services Corporation, Jacksonville, AL

Belmont University Corner Court Deli

Unlike the redesign of Curb Café, the redesign of Belmont University’s Corner Court Deli required full demolition and reconstruction in order to meet the three objectives of the redesign: update the store; achieve a modern, upscale look; and redesign customer flow through the store for quick, grab-and-go convenience. The university wanted to improve the revenue-making ability of the location, and Ryzec increased the retail square footage of the space and finished the project on time and on budget.

Belmont University Court Deli Deli before renovation




court deli before.jpg





court deli before.jpg  


After renovation




Belmont University Corner Court Deli after1.jpg





Belmont University Corner Court Deli2.jpg  




Belmont University Corner Court Deli3.jpg





Belmont University Corner Court Deli2.jpg  
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